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You have priceless pictures of your cherished ones or old photo tarnished by the time or incredible ideas to bring all your souvenir to Life…
Now, it is not an issue anymore, computerized technologies are here to help you, to fulfill your dream.

Pictures and Photos are the testimony of who you were and who you will become, a brief glimpse of the past who mean so much today. Allow them to become history and build your Legacy.

Art’nReality will create with you.

You need to emphasize your brand singularity to communicate and translate your unique value.

Art’nReality can help you to build your identity.


Your need, your Way

Let’s Create Together.

You need to keep the history alive or connect your brand to your image.

Do not wait and ask for a quote today.


Detailed information of your needs.

A reference Photo (even in low resolution).

And even more detailed if you ask for “Extensive” or “Special Order”.

Detailed information related to your request is needed to be able to suit your need.

Photo(s) – Please see “Send your Photos”.

After reception and review of your material, we will send you an Acknowledgment and Agreement Form showing your Order details. Please; Date and Signe “Agree and Approve” on the form and send it back to us so we will start your project immediately.

IMPORTANT: Projects (except for 2.5D Photo Animations and 2D Animation) can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for completion and will be worked on in the order they are received. Please plan accordingly and be as thorough as possible when filling out this request. For text and document material, all copy should be proofed for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation prior to submitting this request.

Heavy Damage Note:

As long as the whole damages will not excide 25% of the surface of the picture, No extra fees will be applied. All issues and overcharges will be explained before starting any works to reach a clear and understanding agreement. Our goal is to bring life to your souvenir as close as they were.

Also called Parallax Effect, it is a technique used to give life to still images.

This technique is using panning and zooming effects to create a feeling of motion.

The quality for this type of animation will depend on the quality and definition of your photos.

Duration 30sec. to 1min.

-Script Writing

      -Initial Concept

            Information is collected from the brief form to design creative scripts for the video.


            Storyboards are created by our designers to give a strong foundation to the animated videos.

-Custom Artwork

-Professional Voice-over & SFX

      Voice overs are recorded by our talented artists to give a strong foundation to the animated videos.

-Background Music

-HD Format Video

-Via our Website or a sharing files system (Like DropboxTM, pCloud, Google Drive… if files excide size requirement) for all your digitized photos.

-By Mail:

Due to COVID-19, to ensure your security and our team health we are not sharing physical materials.

We could make few exceptions in some rare cases (like gigantic file size on an hard drive, large amount of paper photos…), but please note that the amount of time spend between the start and the end of your project will extend considerably.

We accept payment through Square.

RAW formats (like Digital Negatives, DNG)


AI, SVG for works who need vector graphics.

PNG, TIFF, or JPG (if you have no other choice. For this format, try to get a reasonable resolution. E.g.: 4x6 at 600dpi – 8x10 at 300dpi if you do not need to enlarge later).

The Proofs are JPG, medium resolution, watermarked files send via email or a file transfer system.

All work requests include 2 revisions.

Any additional revision will be subject to additional fees.

After you received the final digital proof of the project, you will have the choice to:

-Ask for artwork revision.

-Send back the Invoice agreement form and finalized the payment for the whole project.

After reception of your Invoice agreement form and payment, your project will be sent to you electronically or via a secured sharing files system.

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